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boston wedding band

Why Hire Mirage For Your Important Event?

It’s about commitment

We are committed to be the best at what we do. From the music we perform to the way we work with you, Mirage works hard to make your experience as memorable as possible.

It’s about understanding

We understand that this is a one-time event for you and when you hire us you are looking for something that will make it special. It’s not about clichés or overplayed songs. It’s about bringing traditions together and celebrating something wonderful and exciting. We always learn your first or last dance and any special dances. We never ask you to provide music or CD's. We make your experience as convenient and stress free as possible. From our online checklist to our direct number we are always happy to answer any questions you might have. We understand you!

It’s about professionalism

Professionalism is what we do best. We always arrive in plenty of time to make sure we are set up and ready to go. You will never see us carrying equipment through your cocktail hour. Mirage uses the best equipment to make sure that we are able to control our sound in any venue. We keep our breaks short and we provide music from our DJ to make sure the party never stops. With over 15 plus years of performing all over New England we have worked hard to build a stellar reputation. From the way we dress to the way we conduct ourselves you can always count on Mirage.

It’s about the music

We like what we do. How many people get to go to work and do what they really love? We like music and we like the music we perform. Mirage has a very versatile song list that allows us to keep things fresh and fun all the time. We work with you to bring our musical taste together with yours. We strive to make every celebration we perform a unique experience tailored from your request and needs.

Yes, we have a DJ

So many times I hear people say that a DJ can play any song. True but the combined personalities of a great band will always out shine a good DJ. We offer DJ services for our breaks to keep things going. It also allows us to play songs that we might not know and fulfill any request. It’s the best of both worlds. Truly something for everybody!!

More Than Just a Band

We offer other services to make things convenient for you such as:
* Piano, Piano and Sax or a Jazz Trio for your Cocktail Hour
* Musicians and vocalist for your ceremony
* PA Services for your Ceremony
* Overtime full band or D.J. Services

boston wedding singers